Granular Modules For Your Specific Needs

A/B & Multivariate Testing, Tracking, Reports, CDN Switching, Ads and much more...

Make-the-most-of-your-investment-in-video analytics

Our line of Smart Modules is designed to focus the power of YOUBORA on your service’s specific needs. As expansions of YOUBORA, they help you make more data-driven decisions. These modules are also enhanced by Infinity technology that allows them to harvest data from your end-users’ entire sessions. Our modules offer all sorts of powerful actionable insights thanks to their specific abilities like: A/B & Multivariate testing, benchmarking, tracking, AI alerts, Ad performance measurement, CDN switching and much more…Find out more about our line of Smart Modules down below and select the ones that better fit the needs of your online video business. We will be happy to give you a detailed demo to showcase the true power behind these granular modules.



Detailed User Experience Tracking. Gain full visibility over your users’ activities from a single control panel. See data on each user and every play to enable faster incident-resolution time from your customer support team.


Allow proactive, targeted user management and increase customer satisfaction.


Improve your first-call resolution rate leading to dramatic cost reduction.


Understand if refunds are legitimate based on user experience.



Detailed, customized data reports to facilitate internal reporting and progress on your defined metrics and internal KPIs.
Gather in-depth insights for different segments of your customer base according to your criteria.


Dig into data in an efficient and user friendly way without the intervention of a data scientist.


Generate one-time or recurrent reports according to your needs, for your own use or third-party integration.


Ensure the understanding of recurrent issues and their causes to better interact with technical departments.


The easiest way to monitor and identify critical problems in your service. We provide detailed information about the error generated, cause, size and scope of the error. Understand the impact of an anomaly in your customer base in real-time and get automated notifications to take immediate and proactive action.
Maximize your team’s time and revenues.

Identify the list of users impacted by a certain problem in real time.

Notify technical and support teams to optimize your operations and customer care services in real time.

Detect network congestion, devices, and geographic location issues in the video delivery ecosystem in real time.


Gain unprecedented knowledge to maximize subscribers’ retention and customer loyalty and minimize subscribers’ churn by understanding their consumption trends and experience track record, so you can concentrate on bringing in new ones. Its latest improvements allow SmartUsers to go one step further in assisting you, it now can detect fraudulent use of your service. This insight is key in understanding how your users use your platform to both develop strategies and adjust offerings.

Predict probability of churn for your audience and identify users with high risk of leaving my video service.

Gain visibility on how many new, returning and non-returning users you have and know who they are (UserId), for any selected period. Understand how your users behave across your entire service.

Identify fraudulent actions by correlating simultaneous uses from a single account with the level of engagement. Adjust pricing and offerings.


Determine if you are performing at industry levels to focus on what’s working and improve on what’s not, helping you prioritize improvement opportunities and set realistic goals—for example, the suitability and requirements of expanding to a specific new market.
Compare your performance with your region or business model.

Identify quality trends for a specific market to ensure premium QoE to support market expansion plans and penetration.

Identify top 10 devices, connection type, ISP, browser, OS and device worldwide to optimize your current strategy and ensure successful new releases supporting geographic expansion and market share.

Identify market trends for specific markets and prioritize countries for content launching purposes.


Increase advertising efficiency by gaining aggregated and individual insights on Quality of Experience and user engagement.

Understand which position performs best, how many ads are actually watched and the effects of ads in content viewing with different regions, devices, connection types, etc.

Ensure your users are having an equal experience with Ads and Content.

Optimize ad positioning, ads encoding, conversion rates and drop-off rates by measuring and reacting in real time.

Get real-time monitoring of drops on ads and filter by campaigns.


Impartial 3rd-party CDN scoring tool, with non-intrusive integration that will dramatically improve Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users while minimizing delivery costs.

SmartSwitch API helps you make informed decisions based on top performing CDNs for each user in real time.

Switch CDNs in real time to ensure the best QoE.

Easily define and configure your own rules for CDN switching based on QoE or costs.

Understand the root cause of QoE problems with total transparency over CDN performance.


Test your audience’s sensitivity to changes without impacting customer retention and revenue.
Test decisions applying A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing (MVT) on precisely segmented users samples within your audience based on any desired parameters including predictive churn algorithms. This powerful and unique module allows you to run experiments your own lab before you roll out decisions broadly.

Understanding which content performs best and in which position during the play.

Identifying user’s life cycle and consumption trends in and out of the video playback.

Understanding user preferences and interaction with your platform.


Managed services for the online video industry



Increased financial performance with OPEX models volume based

Flexibility and scalability, adapting to your changing business conditions

Specialized skills dedicated to enhance video delivery eco-system exploit

Transitioning plan from in-house to NPAW managed services