20 Jul Why do we need analytics? – NPAWering Online Video #2

In our second installment of our series “NPAWering Online Video” we will discuss the significance of video analytics, as we explore the “whats” and “whys” of analytics, and why it matters  in this “Age of Video”.

Regardless of age or generation, it seems that everyone embracing the progressive spirit of the 21st Century belongs in “Generation Me”. Applied to the online video marketplace, customizing video delivery to each and every end user’s   taste, time constraints, type of device, etc., can be overwhelming…if you go it alone. The overwhelming volume of data created by each individual viewer is too often foregone; too big for its own good.

This is where analytics come into play. A good analytics platform is the first step toward understanding, as the video alludes to, the service being offered to, versus the playback experienced by, audiences, and how they match up. Knowledge is power, so understanding what disturbances are lurking, ready to reduce the quality of asset delivery is the only way of guaranteeing “Generation Me” a “customized” and “artisanal” quality from their video experience,  which they already get from kale salads, Uber rides, and etsy shopping lists.

So grab a mug of small-batch, roll your sleeves up, and embrace analytics, because the only thing cooler than TV quality online video, is online video superior to TV quality.