YOUBORA integrates Youtube

30 May YOUBORA integrates with YouTube

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our YOUBORA analytics platform. The most recent step we have taken in the direction of progress has been the development of a new YOUBORA integration functionality for Javascript based players called YOUBORA.js.

YOUBORA.js possesses two major improvements when compared to the standard YOUBORA platform:

  1. Firstly, YOUBORA.js expedites the plugin development process, so that when new plugins are developed, they are more robust and scalable. This improved flexibility simplifies metric updates so that existing plugins just need to be re-compiled, and then having the results reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team.
  2. Secondly, it empowers our customers to develop their own plugins. This is achieved by eliminating the need to engage the open application programming interface (API), the result of an intermediate integration layer that enables the development of plugins of less than one hundred lines of code.

At present, YOUBORA.js is only available for Javascript players, but iOS (Obj-C), Android (Java) and C# player integration functionalities are being developed, and are due for release later this year.

As Vice President of Customer Engineering, I am responsible for the development of technologies that help our team serve customers better. This requires a thorough understanding of our customers’ wants and needs, and gearing our products for easy integration into their players. The easier it is to accommodate YOUBORA to our customers’ demands, the more effective our team can be at identifying streaming disturbances and determining the best solution to resolve same. It is with this in mind NPAW is proud to unveil a plugin for YouTube.  

From a technological perspective, YouTube’s iFrame API is simple to use and common throughout the industry. In a matter of hours a plugin was developed for integration into the iFrame API, and was approved by our Quality Assurance Team just a few days later.

We succeed when our customers succeed, and it is no understatement when we state how proud we are to have the famous YouTube player supported by our YOUBORA platform. Pairing the world’s most popular video player with our leading analytics suite is the latest step in NPAW’s continuing evolution.

We invite our customers to try YOUBORA’s new capabilities first hand by developing their own plugins, so that they may experience true NPAWerment. If this sounds like the right move for your company, please reach out to us at

Cordially Yours,


Marc Mayas

VP, Customer Engineering