Holistic Business Intelligence Solution For Your Entire Video Service

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YOUBORA is the most advanced and holistic suite of integrated video analytics and business intelligence for broadcasters, OTTs, telcos and media companies to help you make data-driven, business, operational and technical decisions to drive performance and maximize revenue across your entire video service. The latest version of YOUBORA has been thought through from the ground up to deliver the most detailed intelligence for your service.

To do so, the NPAW team has considerably widened the array of YOUBORA’s algorithms and data processing to the entire session, not just video playback. Start benefiting now from a clear, birds-eye view of your platform’s performance and your audience’s behavior, always in real time. Through an extensive array of metrics measuring quality, audience and engagement data in and out of video playback, YOUBORA brings you the best of both worlds, generating deep insights based on sessions, not just views.

YOUBORA, with the help of Infinity technology, expands on its legacy of previous YOUBORA editions by taking business intelligence one step further than what can be found elsewhere in the market.

The scope has been broadened to offer a complete end-to-end suite of integrated video analytics that analyses and displays data from an entire session, from login to logout, thus making YOUBORA insights richer and more accurate.

How Does YOUBORA Work?

YOUBORA now comes loaded with our Infinity technology. Infinity works as a catalyst to the YOUBORA core and SmartModules enabling them to go further in the scope of their insights, thus multiplying the power of its intelligence. Thanks to Infinity, YOUBORA is able to offer session metrics that track all events in and out of video playback.
Understand your service to the fullest and the ways your end-users interact with it thanks to Infinity technology. Full session metrics allow you to go further than just assuring the QoE of your service by offering the most valuable and accurate customer behavior insights that point out the areas where you can improve by tailoring your service to your customers’ needs.


The ability to harness data from every Internet connected screen is essential to best support technical, operations and business departments inside your company, which can be applied towards troubleshooting and vendor oversight to:


  • Data before, during & after the video playback

  • Descriptive & predictive insights

  • Real time info with no granularity compression

  • Create & customize your own dashboards and sections for every person and department

  • Unlimited multi-dimensional filtering and segmentation of data in real time, always at 1-minute granularity

  • 75+ metrics & dimensions by which to filter

  • Compatible with 100% of players to support your TV Everywhere strategy

  • Revolutionized data capturing, processing and retrieval capabilities with the new API

  • Speed up integration Turn key integrated solution in less than 4 weeks

  • Customers own data

Advanced Packages to Get the Most Out YOUBORA