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YOUBORA 2,0 Platform


YOUBORA is the most advanced and holistic business intelligence platform for online video to make data-driven strategic decisions in all departments of your company to optimize performance and maximize revenues.


Through an unmatched array of metrics measuring quality, audience and engagement data, and an unparalleled variety of dimensions by which to filter all in real time, YOUBORA and its SmartModules help you turn data into actionable insights to improve business, technical and operational efficiency.

In 2016 we launched YOUBORA 2.0 - which expands upon its legacy, allowing broadcasters, OTTs, telcos and media companies to have real time, deeper and detailed information on the user experience and audience behaviour and how their platform performs.

YOUBORA 2.0 goes the extra mile covering not only QoS and QoE, but providing customers with descriptive and predictive insights on customer behaviour as well as content performance to make smart data-driven decisions.

Original YOUBORA

Improved YOUBORA 2.0

Problems We Solve

The ability to harness data from every internet connected screen is essential to best support technical, operations and business departments inside your business, which can be applied towards troubleshooting and vendor oversight to: 


    • Reduce churn and increase average revenue per user with visibility into your audience’s behavior and segments, to proactively manage your customer base.
    • Increase ad and content efficiency by understanding which content performs best and in which position during the play.
    • Proactively manage users by identifying users’ life cycle and consumption trends.
    • Improve customer service first call resolution rate and understand if refunds are legitimate based on the actual customer experience.
    • Understand recurrent issues and their causes to set benchmarks for improvement. Reduce the number of tickets passed onto 2nd and 3rd level support within the company.
    • With A/B testing, optimize the performance of new releases, configurations and setups, of your encoding, ads, delivery, and plugins.
    • Monitor your service performance. Understand the impact of an anomaly in your customer base in real-time




How Does The BI Life Cycle Work?

Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantage YOUBORA

SmartModules: here to help you make data-driven decisions

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